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10 Things Business Owners Can Look Forward to This Spring

Spring has sprung—and that’s great news for business owners. There are at least 10 things business owners can take advantage of with the new spring season.

At Foray Business Group, we believe mental health and self-care is extremely important for small-business owners.

All too often, entrepreneurs get so wrapped up in growing their businesses and taking care of their families that they neglect to take care of themselves.

And we get it. We’ve been there before!

That’s why we don’t just teach business owners how to take care of their accounting and bookkeeping. We also like to remind our community that self-care is not selfish and taking a moment to rest is crucial not only to their own health, but also the health of their business.

We’ve talked about how not to burn out during holiday sales, how to plan your vacation, and how to help deal with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Thankfully, now that we’re heading into spring, SAD isn’t quite as much of a threat. In fact, there are plenty of things business owners can look forward to this spring when it comes to their mental health.

1. More Sunlight

One of the biggest reasons people struggle with SAD during the winter months (especially in the northern states) is the lack of sunlight.

During spring, we get so much more sunlight, which means more Vitamin D for your bone health, serotoninto help stabilize your moods, and other healing benefits for your skin.

2. Spending Time Outdoors

Even if you’re not a nature person, surely you can appreciate the benefits of spending time outdoors, even if it’s just to go for a walk around the neighborhood. The fresh air, views of nature, and sounds of birds chirping and squirrels chittering can help us relax and get back to the simpler things in life.

3. Vacations

Have you planned yours yet for this year? If not, do so now! Vacations—or at least time off to relax at home—is so important for business owners. You give vacation time to your employees, which is great. But you need rest, too.

4. More Flowers and Greenery

This is similar to No. 2, but interestingly enough, being around plants and flowers specifically has been known to increase people’s ability to concentrate. They actually have a calming effect on people’s bodies.

5. Exercising Outside

Exercise has tremendous health benefits whether you do it indoors or outdoors. But working out outside can help you burn more calories, work out longer, and improve your self-esteem.

6. Improved Productivity

All these health benefits aren’t just good for your body and your mind. They’re good for your business.

As you take better care of your mental and physical health, you’ll find your productivity soaring as you work on your company.

7. Better-Looking Skin

As we mentioned before, sunlight triggers your body to produce Vitamin D, which does wonders for your skin. Plus, if you struggle with skin-related conditions, a limited amount of exposure to the sun can actually help relieve some of the symptoms.

8. Baby Animals

There’s a reason videos of kittens and puppies are so popular. Baby animals can so easily melt our hearts and bring us joy.

In fact, having a pet or playing with animals has been shown to help soothe people who struggle with depression, loneliness, ADHD, and Alzheimer’s.

9. Spring Cleaning

Have you ever done a deep cleaning of your home or office? You probably gave a deep sigh of relief afterward as you admired your work. There’s something about a clean environment that helps you concentrate better.

10. Overall Boost for Your Mental Health

All these little benefits combined lead to one huge benefit: Improving your mental health. As your business moves into the next quarter and you look at your goals, remember to take some time and enjoy the little things spring has to offer.

Do you love the spring as much as we do? Leave a comment and tell us what else you love about this season!

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